“And thereby hangs a tale so brilliantly told by Nathaniel Philbrick that “Sea of Glory” has to be among the best nonfiction books of this or any other year. Indeed, it ranks with the late Stephen Ambrose’s story of Lewis and Clark, “Undaunted Courage,” and surpasses it as a story of heroism,sheer terror and significance…. Others have written about what came to be known as “the Wilkes expedition, “but none with the verve, detail, knowledge of seamanship, array of newly discovered sources or insight of Philbrick in his wonderful book.” — Los Angeles Times Book Review

“All in all, a breathtaking account of one of history’s greatest adventurers and crankiest bosses.” — Entertainment Weekly

“Sea of Glory is a grand saga of scientific and nautical accomplishment. More than that, it is a fascinating exploration of human frailty. In Charles Wilkes, Philbrick reveals that strangest of characters – a magnificent loser.” — Newsweek

“Fascinating and meticulous … [A] wonderful retelling … ” — The New York Times Book Review

“Mr. Philbrick is an experienced guide to this lost world and Sea of Glory, with its evocative prose, is a worthy successor to In the Heart of the Sea … this is at heart an adventure story, and Mr. Philbrick tells it well … ” — The Wall Street Journal

“[A]gripping history of the remarkable search for the ‘ice studded mystery’ at the bottom of the world … superb.” — The Economist

“In Sea of Glory National Book Award winner Nathaniel Philbrick gives a proper nod to the scientific accomplishments of the Ex.Ex. and reserves plenty of exciting prose for its hair raising details.” — The Christian Science Monitor

“Nathaniel Philbrick (In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex) informatively resurrects the expedition and provides an intriguing psychoanalysis of its arrogant, uncompromising young commander.” — Boston Herald

“As detailed by Nathaniel Philbrick in this absorbing chronicle, the Ex.Ex. should have become as treasured a piece of American lore as the Lewis and Clark expedition. Instead, it is a footnote, largely ignored despite Wilkes’ relentless attempts for the rest of his life to enshrine its value.” –- New York Daily News

“[A] superb biographer … ” — Portland Oregonian

“Sea of Glory is a gripping sea story like none other, a rare page turner among historical works … Philbrick knows how to tell s a story” — Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“[Sea of Glory] is told in exquisite detail.” — Seattle Times