“Philbrick’s astute gaze makes for thrilling reading, full of brilliant yet understated insights, nuggets of lost data and a few interesting asides about the novel’s relevance for the contemporary United States…The style of the book is inviting; it’s too bad most English professors are unwilling or unable to write in such an uncluttered voice…Philbrick’s chapters are compelling and quirky…many of his readings are far enough out- side the box to be pleasantly surprising.”–Christian Century

“…a slim, easy-to-read argument on why you should definitely put [Moby-Dick] on your bucket list.”—History Wire

“…brilliant and provocative…”—The New Yorker

“…slim, passionate manifesto…”—Chicago Tribune

“This slender, pleasant, sincere book by the maritime historian and naval enthusiast is more than a respectable tribute unencumbered by academic prose. Approaching Moby-Dick from outside the academy is refreshing, and Philbrick’s enthusiasm is contagious….So put me down for a reading of Moby-Dick in 2012, and count Philbrick’s book a success”—The New Republic

WHY READ MOBY-DICK? reels in a compelling a case… short, lucid, intelligent… Philbrick’s more like a literary color analyst, helping readers see the novel better while also creating a sense of excitement about it.”—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“This slender volume is packed with reasons why you might want to read the whaling classic.”—Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“…gracefully written…infectious enthusiasm…”—New York Times Book Review

“…exuberant book…”—Boston Globe

“Philbrick does the literary world great service by bringing Moby-Dick back into popular attention and also by his skill in keeping American history fresh and alive.”—Aspen Daily News

“Sure to swell the readership of Melville’s masterpiece.”—Booklist (Starred review)

In this cogent and passionate polemic for Melville’s masterpiece, Philbrick… combines a critical eye and a reader’s adoration to make a case for Moby-Dick… Less lit-crit and more readers’ guide, this tome will remind fans why they loved the book in the first place, and whet the appetites of trepid potential readers.”—Publishers Weekly

A slim celebration of the elements of a literary masterpiece…Philbrick is an enthusiastic salesman for a sometimes daunting novel.”—Kirkus

So you liked Philbrick’s In the Heart of the Sea, which re-created the wreck of the whaleship Essex, inspiration for Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick? Then you’ll love Philbrick’s new book,… From a wonderful and knowing writer.”—Library Journal